The TaylorMade M2 Irons
A game-changer for most golfers

If you could add a club length of distance, even more, and know you could hit that distance more consistently,
shot after shot, what difference would that make to your approach?

TaylorMade’s slot technology makes a huge difference. The Speed Pocket means that the face flexes more and flexes faster.
The face slots mean that the increased speed is extended to the heel and toe. That is more ball speed all over the face.
And most golfers will make contact all over the face.

Offset in the M2 Irons will also make it
easier to square the face at impact.
Remember, 85% of ball flight is determined
by the angle of the face at impact.

Then you want it to be easier to stop
the ball on the green.

The fluted hosel design, saves weight higher up.
That weight is used to lower the CoG, increase
the launch angle and trajectory, so that the ball
lands steeper and stops quicker.

If you’re looking to recover distance you might have lost;
if you want approach shots to land and stop;
if you want to hit better
Iron shots more consistently, then come
and test the ‘M’ effect.