Data PLUS expertise
gives your best result

Want to add distance to your tee shots without having to
change your driver, or even risk swinging harder?

Here’s some insight that might help change your current
launch conditions for the better or reveal why, despite
swinging hard at the ball, you’re not going as far as you should.

Although valuable to even the youngest and strongest,
this insight is especially important to the vast majority
of us who don’t have Tour speed swing speeds.

Key to maximizing your distance potential is matching launch angle and spin rate.

Most of us are putting too MUCH spin on our tee shots,
and not getting the ball onto a high enough trajectory.

“Vertical Gear Effect” could help you

Too many golfers strike the ball slightly below the sweet spot,
which adds spin to your golf ball (and decreases the launch angle). 
Strike the ball higher on the face, and your launch angle will be higher,
while the “Gear Effect” will reduce spin. You won’t believe the
added distance most golfers will get.

This is the “Gear Effect” at work. Striking the ball on
the sweet spot does not cause any “gear effect”,
but striking the face slightly above the sweet spot
causes the clubhead to rotate backward (twist)
around the CoG. As with “gears”, as the large gear
goes backward, the small gear goes forward,
although in our case it “reduces” the
natural backspin created.

And there’s another win

Striking the ball above the sweet spot will also add loft to your shot because of the design of your club face.
Almost all faces come with a slight roll or camber.

Your driver might have a loft number on it,
but you already know that the angle of attack
on the ball will create a different dynamic loft.

Now you know that striking the ball lower on the
face reduces loft, and higher on the face increases loft.

The numbers alone can lead to the wrong conclusion or action.
You might not need a new driver.

By improving the impact location on your current driver, we can improve your launch conditions.

Reach out now and lets see whether a quick evaluation might unlock a lot of extra distance
WITHOUT you having to make an equipment purchase.